Many math teachers are pushing their thinking on what can be used as collaborative tools in the classroom.

Math Their Way!

Darren Kuropatwa, a secondary math teacher in Canada, shares and reflects about his experiences about teaching and learning on his blog, A Difference.

His students use a blog to share their learning. One person each day is chosen by the day's scribe to be the scribe for the next day. Each student gets a turn to be the scribe for the blog. The blog becomes the text book that students create. Exemplary student posts go to a "Scribe Post Hall of Fame" wiki, to showcase the very best work. His students work collaboratively to solve problems by their contributions on a wiki, share resources through social bookmarking, sharephotos of mathematical concepts on Flickr (a photo sharing site), and develop their expert voices of their learning through multimedia projects that are showcased and shared at the end of the year. Darren also interviewed and recorded his students as they reflected on the learning process in his class.

Here's how he frames his Developing Expert Voices project:
Developing Expert Voices
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Since Flickr is blocked within the firewall, here's a snapshot of how students use the annotations in Flickr to explain mathematical concepts.
Picture 8
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Students can become the experts when they demonstate their learning through VoiceThread, an online site that allows users to upload images, then make comments about them through video, voice, text, or doodle type annotations.
This vocicethread is a Geometric Landmarks Project: Part of Lincoln Elementary's Mathlincs Project. Students create math problems to go with photos of local landmarks and then share they would solve the problem.

Mathcasts were created in VoiceThread to help teachers explain mathematic problems and allow for collaboration when sharing.

Math Resources

Using the social bookmarking tool, Delicious, users can gather, annotate, and tag websites to share with others. This is my collection of resources tagged with the word "Math".

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