Wikis and Rich Multimedia Content


Wikispaces allows you to upload up to 2GB of files. Sometimes, it's nice to store in other places and link to your files.
  • Microsoft's SkyDrive gives you 25GB of free storage space. Each upload can be up to 50 MB. You can link to the files on your wiki. This is the document I want to share with everyone. I upload this to [[file/view/CoCo #4 Entrance Exam.doc|CoCo #4 Entrance Exam.doc]].
  • Scribd allows you to upload, then embed your documents, so they appear as full sized documents and not links. There is unlimited storage. Use this when you don't mind making your documents accessible to everyone and want them to display right on the wiki.
    Here's an embedded document shared by Jennifer Dorman that lists other rich multimedia tools you can embed:


  • Slideshare allows you to upload and embed your PowerPoint slideshares directly into Wikispaces.
  • You can also embed presentations from Google Docs.


YouTube videos can be embedded into a wiki, but since YouTube is blocked in many school districts, there are workarounds. allows you to share YouTube videos by supplying the url of the YouTube video. It's converted then available on the network. It can be linked or embedded.
Below is an embedded video from YouTube that's been added to Edublogs.


Often, math teachers need to use equations in their work. Most web editors don't have the capacity to write equations. A LATEX online equation editor allows one to create and embed equations.
Here's a sample embedded algebraic equation:

Picture Slideshows

Many services allow you to embed slideshows of uploaded images.
Google's PicasaWeb is easy to use. Upload your photos into an album, then copy and paste the embed code into the Embed Widget. You can also embed single photos from PicasaWeb.
Here's an album from my collection, taken at a summer teacher workshop: