Social bookmarking is a way to store and share bookmarked web sites online. These services allow you to not only bookmark a website, annotate it, but also see who else and how many others are bookmarking that same site. Additionally, these social bookmarking services have RSS feeds, so that new bookmarks are updated and available in an aggregator. Bookmarks can be organized in categories for easier navigation.

The two most popular of these types of web services are and Furl. Registering for either of these free services is quick and easy.
A teacher, who may not have access to publish bookmarks to a web site could use this free service to gather web resources for student focus. A school site could use this service for gathering subject specific web resources. Students can use this service to gather web resources for a class that uses a pre-determined common tag. A local district has a account to which all tech leaders are invited to contribute, and is published as a resource.

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