Search Strategies Hotlist

Information Literacy

LAUSD's Information Literacy Standards
The Big Six
Stategies to address the information literacy standards
The Big Six for Kids
Information literacy strategies in kid-friendly language
Information Literacy and Study Skills
A large collection of resources on Information Literacy in Schools

Internet Search Tools


Search Engines (search the web using keywords)
Meta Search Engines (search several search engines, directories, newgroups at once (no longer recommended as powerful search engines)
Subject Directories (a collection of subjects to drill down from general to more specific categories)
Invisible Web (Often called the Deep Web - web pages that do not show up on Search Engines nor Subject Directories)

Resources for Search Tools

Kathy Schrock's Subject Access
A comprehensive list of Search Engines, MetaSearches, Subject Directories, and the Invisible Web
Alan November's Information Literacy Resources
NoodleTools-Choose the Best Search for Your Information Needs
A guide for choosing the best search strategy for the information you need.
Bernie Dodge's Specialized Search Engines and Directories
A guide for choosing specialized educations Search Engines and Subject Directories

Refining Your Search

Bernie Dodge's Four NETS for Better Searching
A guide on how to use Google's Advanced Search efficiently
Google's Advanced Search Page
The most popular search engine with advanced search utilities built in
Google's Web Search Features
Some great things you can do with Google, some of which you probably wouldn't think of doing with a search engine.
Google's Advanced Search Tips
Tips for using Google's Advanced Search Engine
An easy to use interface for using Google's Advance Search Engine utilities, along with explanations of how each utility functions

Evaluating Web Resources

Kathy Schrock's Critical Evaluation Information
A comprehensive resource for evaluating web sites
CyberBee's CyberGuide for Web Content Information (PDF)
A downloadable checklist for evaluating web resources
UC Berkley's Evaluating Web Pages
A guide for evaluating web resources with a downloadable Evaluation Checklist (upper right corner)