PhotoStory 3 and Digital StoryTelling

Photostory is a free, easy-to-use tool for Windows that can be used to tell stories with images, text, voice, and music.

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PhotoStory3 Tutorials - an excellent collection of resources by David Jakes
PhotoStory3 Tutorials - from the University of Houston
Windows Enhanced Podcasts - a complete guide to create a podcast and turn it into a movie that can be used in a podcast. by VCU School of Nursing
  • Note: the converter mentioned in the guide does not work with Windows 7. A better converter is Format Factory.
Digital Storytelling Teacher Guide - a wealth of resources on creating digital stories and using PhotoStory in the classroom - by Microsoft


Format Factory is by far the best application for converting the PhotoStory .wmv files in to podcast friendly .mp4 files on Windows 7. Be careful when installing this program, as it tries to install extra toolbars from It also seems to not put a shortcut in the programs menu, so you will need to find it in the Program Files folder and add a shortcut to the desktop.


Creative Commons

An Educator's Guide to Creative Commons by Darren Draper
Flickr Tools: Compfight - a great way to search for Creative Commons Images, mostly on Flickr
Creative Commons Search - searches across the web for a variety of media and content

CopyRight Friendly

Kits, sorted by content area and grade level that can be used for student projects. Hosted and maintained by the Orange County Department of Education


Storage Space

If you want to put your student stories on a space to share with parents and community members, is a great place to go. There is no need to create an account, but with an account, you'll be able to control who shares on your space. Simply drag and drop files on the site and they will display and
play well from the site. Here's a sample movie shared on

Publishing as a Podcast

If you would like to create a podcast to which others can subscribe, you will want to set up a podcast.
Follow these directions to bring your files from to Blogger.

Student Examples

UDL4All from the Life 'Round Here Project

Get Microsoft Silverlight