Recommended Websites (Ones that allow students to actively collaborate/create/interact/engage)

K-6 - collaborative writing - no registration required - create your own room

Wordle - a graphical way to look at words and their relationship in text - Wordle resources (no registration necessary)

VoiceThread - Online digital storytelling tool that includes images, video, audio, text, and drawing. Free or Small Fee educator/classroom accounts available, Using VoiceThread for Portfolios Presentation

Animoto - Create easy, professional looking videos from images and text - Free educator account

Wall Wisher - Students can add ideas through text, images, hyperlinks and sort them on the page. No student login required - teacher will need to register

Skype - Free, easy, video-conference solution. Can connect globally with other students, experts, etc. Skype an Author, Skype for Educators resources, Skype in the Classroom Network

Google Earth - a free download - Uses a lot of bandwidth - so not everyone can use at the same time - but so rich - Students can create their own tours.Google Earth resources

LAUSD MyMail Account - Google Apps for Education Suite - includes online word processor, spreadsheet, presentation, form builder, calendar, website/portfolio creator, email, and calendar. All tools include the ability to collaborate.Google in the Classroom
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Primary Portfolios by Cathy Cassidy

K-2 (and beyond)

Kerpoof - Free Classroom Accounts available (Drawing, movie making, storytelling)


Glogster - Create posters for all types of learning projects - Free Classroom accounts (Glogster Tutorial)

Wikispaces - Collaborative project building - Free Teacher/classroom accounts

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              Google Search with lessons and presentations
              Explore Google Search
              Google Squared - search in a table format
              Wolfram Alpha - Enter your question or calculation and Wolfram|Alpha uses its built-in algorithms and a growing collection of data to compute the answer
              Kid Friendly Search Engines
              YoLink - a downloadable application to help student gather and store information
              More Search resources

              Digital Storytelling


     - up to 1 gb free storage
              Dropbox - up to 2 gb free storage - desktop app installs on computer
              Skydrive Live - 25gb free online storage

              Student Google Sites accounts - 2 GB online storage - Comes with LAUSD Student Email Account
              Other Storage Resources

              Professional Development

              K-12 Online Conference
              Classroom 2.0 -a social network of educators from around the world- Classroom 2.0 Live Workshops and Events
              LA County Office of Education Workshops (Includes week long Technology Academies)

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